“This is not a difficult concept –” unless you’re a right-winger



FBI Investigating [Bush Junta] And Massey Energy Over Possibly Bribery:

NPR News reports that the FBI is investigating the possible bribery of federal officials overseeing mining industry regulation by Massey Energy, the owner of the Upper Big Branch mine that exploded three weeks ago, killing 29 miners.

“The Mine Safety and Health Administration is the target of a federal criminal investigation,” NPR notes, and “FBI agents are also exploring potential criminal negligence on the part of Massey Energy.”

The nation’s top mine safety official told lawmakers earlier this week that the government will start going directly to federal court to shut down mines that make a habit of ignoring safety.

Much Ado About Nothing

Arizona lawmakers modify immigration law:

Arizona lawmakers late Thursday narrowed a controversial immigration law signed last week by the governor in hopes of quelling a national firestorm over suggestions it will force police to racially profile Latinos while looking for illegal immigrants…

The initial law forbade race from being used “solely” to form the suspicion but not from being a factor. Civil rights lawyers contended that it essentially legalized racial profiling.

In the final hours of their legislative session, after three federal lawsuits were filed contending the law is unconstitutional, lawmakers removed the word “solely,” explicitly banning race from being used at all by police.

This change means nothing; police use racial profiling as their sole basis for making contact all the time, but they know how to manufacture other reasons to obscure that fact. Further, the change doesn’t lessen the tremendous pressure on Arizona’s police to arrest illegal immigrants; while the legislature also lowered the fines police departments would pay if sued for not rounding up “enough” illegals, the profit motive remains for right-wing groups like the Immigration Reform Law Institute and it’s parent group, FAIR to launch suits statewide.

Sue Lowden: Right-Wing Imbecile

From The Lowden Plan website:

“Senate hopeful Sue Lowden’s plan for Healthcare reform is to barter chickens for medical procedures. But you may be unsure how many chickens are required for your medical care. This handy calculator converts many common procedures into chickens so you won’t look like an idiot at your next Doctor’s Appointment.”

“He heard the President was in town and wanted to see him.”

Yeah, the fucker wanted to see the President Obama in his rifle sites:

[Joseph Sean McVey’s] car was equipped with clear LED law enforcement-style strobe lights in the front and rear dash, Capt. Smith said. The car also had a mounted digital camera in the front window, four large antennas on the trunk lid, and under the steering wheel was a working siren box. Capt. Smith said Mr. McVey was not in law enforcement.

When Mr. McVey got out of the car, he was listening to a handheld scanner and radio that had a remote earpiece, Capt. Smith said. Police said he was monitoring local agencies and had formulas for rifle scopes on a note in his cup holder…

Mr. McVey gave authorities an Ohio driver’s licence, but a computer check failed to show the number was valid, police said…

When Officer Kaleb Rice asked him what he was doing, Mr. McVey told him he heard the President was in town and wanted to see him.

I hope he enjoys the paranoia of being watched for the rest of his life by the Secret Service.

“Call The Bluff”

What Digby said.

Who could have ever predicted that the Republicans (plus Bennie) would filibuster financial reform? Bowl me over with a feather.

As I have written ad nauseam, this isn’t some deeply complicated Machiavellian strategy. They have done this since the moment Obama took office. they string the dems along, pretending to be earnestly engaged. Then they take offense at some irrelevant, niggling detail and vote against it en masse, holding out the bait that they may come back if the Dems will just water it down a little more to please them. Wash, rinse, repeat.

“Man arrested after Obama leaves North Carolina”

You can bet that he’s a right-wing terrorist who was looking to assassinate the President:

Police in Asheville, North Carolina, arrested a man they said was impersonating a police officer at the city’s airport after President Obama flew out of town on Sunday.

Joseph McVey, 23, was being held on a charge of going armed to the terror of the public, according to the Buncombe County jail’s booking office. McVey’s bail was set at $100,000, Officer Donna Player told CNN…

Airport police Capt. Kevan Smith said the suspect was driving a car that was made to look like a law enforcement vehicle with working lights and sirens.