The GOP’s Hamas Strategy

Sure this racist, sexist ploy seems crazy — if you’re a party that actually thinks you have a shot at winning elections and therefore needs to court Hispanic and Latinos.

The GOP is not such a party.

The Rushpublicans know they won’t be the winning many elections for the next decade or so, so their strategy is to sow anger and fear, hoping that angry mobs turning violent and angry individuals  following in Timothy McVeigh’s or Eric Rudolph’s footsteps.

Basically, the GOP is modeling itself after Hamas; the party  dog whistles like mad to foment bigotry and violence  while  officially speaking out against bigotry and violence. And waiting to take political advantage of the terrorist attacks they’re working so hard to indirectly (for deniability’s sake) cause.

Hamas started out as a terrorist group and became a political party. The GOP started out as a political party and is transforming itself into a terrorist group. And terrorists don’t care about alienating women or non-white voters.

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