What Good Is A Democratic Majority If It Governs Like A Republican Majority?

Anthony Wiener has abandoned single-payer, joining the rest of the Dems who foolishly abandoned it months ago:

“I feel very strongly that the employer-based model is not the way to go and single-payer is the better way,” Mr. Weiner said in an interview. “But I never wanted it to be the situation where we literally let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

Unfortunately Mr.Wiener, the bill you have is so watered-down for the DINO Blue Dogs it doesn’t remotely approach “good.”

While Mr. Weiner said he recognized that his decision would disappoint legions of single-payer advocates, he said the danger to the larger bill was too great.

Forcing a vote on single-payer could be particularly problematic for lawmakers who represent districts that split heavily between liberal and more moderate or conservative voters. A vote against the single-payer issue would anger constituents on the left, while emboldening opponents on the right, making it more difficult to support the larger bill. Avoiding a vote on the issue, in turn, could allow centrist Democrats to take a tough vote in favor of the larger bill.

In short: Some members of the Democratic Party from the dumber districts are willing to fight against and even vote against actual progressive reform (in favor of supporting legislative pablum) out of fear that they may lose their seat to a Republican who will also fight against and vote against progressive reform.

Time for better Democrats.

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