Arizona’s SB 1070 is Going to Become a Law. A Bad One.

Governor Jan Brewer is getting emails and phone calls ten to one against signing the racial profiling bill SB 1070, but a Rasmussen poll conducted last week showed that 70% of likely voters favored the legislation.

Brewer is already on thin ice with the GOP base for supporting Proposition 100, a one-cent sales tax aimed at eliminating the state’s gargantuan budget deficit, and she has three primary challengers (businessman Owen “Buz” Mills, State Treasurer Dean Martin, and former Board of Regents President John Munger). Sheriff Joe (“Persecuting brown people is my signature issue”) Arpaio is also itching to jump into the race against her, and he’ll do it in a heartbeat if she vetoes the bill.

In short: For Brewer to veto SB 1070 would be political suicide. I expect she’ll sign it on Saturday, just before the 5:00 PM deadline. After that, lawsuits will fly and conventions will be canceled in protest… And Arizona will officially be more disgusting than any of the Bible Belt states.

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