“Grijalva Closing Two Offices After Death Threats On Immigration”

Things have gotten nastier in the hellhole known as Arizona:

Dem Rep Raul Grijalva is closing two district offices in Arizona after a man threatened to kill his staff over immigration, Grijalva spokesman Adam Sarvana confirms.

“Tuscon staff answered two calls,” Sarvana says. “It was the same guy. He threatened to blow everyone’s brains out in the Tuscon office.”

That wasn’t all. “He then said he was going to the border to shoot any Mexicans he was going to come across,” Sarvana says. “So there are police at the Tuscon office right now.” Sarvana adds that Grijalva is closing another office in Yuma as a precaution.

Sarvana adds that there have been no shortage of racist calls, too. “They’ve openly been pretty ugly,” he says. “One said, `Send that tortilla-eating wetback back to Mexico.’”

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