“[O]ld, white, male and Republican”

Jane Hamsher:

[T]he profile of the tea partiers is now almost identical to that of the Fox News demographic: old, white, male and Republican. There’s nothing independent about them. When Fox made a huge rebranding effort for the GOP last year and broadcast “all tea parties, all the time” they successfully harnessed the anti-AIG bailout anger and pointed it at Obama. Americans for Prosperity and Freedomworks just ran the field operations in support of the Fox messaging machine, and they all worked in concert to hijack the tea parties from Ron Paul.

Whatever their origins, the tea parties quickly became a squadron of GOP apparachiks who have shown little independence or ability to organize themselves outside of corporate-funded efforts. If they truly are the “free thinking independents” they believe themselves to be, wouldn’t they be putting aside tribal and party differences and joining the AFL-CIO’s protest of Wall Street on April 29th? Or at the very least, trying to organize their own?

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